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DFAM Board Members

Mark Dent - Chairman
Scott Ferrie
Micheal Gilhespy
Peter Monkhouse
Gerard Te Lintelo
Richard Bell
Simon Catterall - Company Secretary - CONTACT - [email protected]

Purchase/Sale of DfAM shares

Darlington Farmers Auction Mart has approximately 300 shareholders.

All sales/purchases of shares must be completed by stock transfer form and sent to the company for approval and registration.

Where shares are sold by public auction, advance notice will be given through the website and social media.

Please submit any enquiries regarding sale/purchase through the link below.

Get In Touch About Share Options


Respect Charter

Fire Safety Policy & Procedures

First Aid Needs Assessment

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 - General Statement of Policy

The Darlington Farmers Auction Mart Corporation, as owners and operators of the business will ensure, as far as is reasonably possible the health and safety of its employees, tenants, visitors and contractors, and ensue that its activities meet its legal requirements. To achieve this the following actions will be taken:
The Corporation will promote a positive health and safety culture within its operation, which it recognises contributes to business performance and reasonably satisfied the expectations of all those who come into contact with its activities
The Corporation will supply, operate, control and maintain its facilities in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with its statutory duties
The Corporation will reasonably communicate with employees, tenants, visitors and contractors to ensure their safety. Where appropriate this will include public information, inductions, training and monitoring
The Corporation will review and monitor its policy’s, facilities, and operations, so as to, as far as reasonably possible, constantly improve health and safety for all parties who may come into contact with its activities
The policy and the way in which it operates will be reviewed each year, or as matters arise, so that its effectiveness can be measured and modified where necessary
Everyone has a responsibility to reasonably abide by this policy whilst on Corporation property, or involved in Corporation activities