Anniversary Show & Sale of Store Cattle

11th January 2022

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Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their special ‘Anniversary Show and Sale’ of Store Cattle in conjunction with their weekly sale of Cast Cattle and Breeding Cattle on Monday 20th September 2021. Forward were 391 Cattle.


89 Cast Cows & OTM sold to 220ppk or £1505

8 Stock Bulls sold to 234ppk or £1876

39 Breeding Cattle sold to £2600

98 Store Steers sold to £1470

117 Store Heifers sold to £1440

40 Young Bulls sold to £1390


Charity Hats – The sale opened with the auction of seven bespoke DFAM hats which had kindly been donated to us by embroidery company Cotton Eye Sew, Kirkby Stephen. The proceeds were all donated to a mental health charity incredibly close to our hearts ‘Darlington Mind’ as the memory of our late colleague Stephen Aitken is never far from our thoughts. The good people who frequent Darlington Mart never cease to amaze us with their generosity and we are delighted to announce that the proceeds today from the seven hats raised an amazing £915 for this most worthy charity. More hats will be offered this week at both Tuesday and Thursday’s sales.


Show Cattle – Credit must firstly go to the vendors who had certainly pulled out all the stops to celebrate our one year anniversary here at Humbleton Park, a superb show was presented before our capable judge Mr Michael Robinson of East Alwent, Staindrop whom we thank sincerely for giving up his time and expertise today. We also thank all of our sponsors who most generously aided the running of this event, their support is much appreciated. The Champion on the day and inaugural winner of the DFAM Store Cattle Anniversary Trophy was a fantastic 8 month old Limousin steer from the renowned Swarland herd of A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall, Morpeth; a stretchy classy bullock with obvious show potential went on to sell to the judge. Picking up the Reserve Championship was a lovely 12 month old black Limousin heifer from the Tindale family of Paradise Farm, Shadforth, with all the attributes a modern butcher requires we certainly hope to see her back as the finished article, she went on to sell to W A Armstrong, Ashbourne Drive, Coxhoe. The young bull class was a close run race, the judges pick was a shapely 10 month old Limousin from C Binks & Son, Low Walworth which sold to regular supporters E R Hyde & Sons.


SHOW CLASSES – JUDGE – Mr M Robinson, Staindrop

Best Store Steer class sponsored by Peter Monkhouse Haulage

1st Prize (£50) – A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall sold for £1400 to M Robinson & Sons, East Alwent

2nd Prize (£30) – K O Stones, Nun Cote Nook sold for £1075 to M Eagle, North Road

3rd Prize (£20) – H S Hutchinson, White House Farm sold for £1090 to I Swales, Rosehill Farm


Best Store Heifer Class Sponsored by Peter Binney of PB Agri

1st Prize (£50) – P Tindale, Paradise Farm sold for £1380 to W A Armstrong, Ashbourne Drive

2nd Prize (£30) – H S Hutchinson, White House Farm sold for £1265 to P J & M P Gilhespy, Low House

3rd Prize (£20) – P Tindale, Paradise Farm sold for £1110 to W A Armstrong, Ashbourne Drive


Best Young Bull Class sponsored by Peter Binney of PB Agri

1st Prize (£50) – C Binks & Son, Low Walworth Farm sold for £1105 to E R Hyde & Sons, Heybeck Farm

2nd Prize (£30) – P Tindale, Paradise Farm sold for £1055 to L R Welsh & Co, Green Lane Farm

3rd Prize (£20) – M I Wainwright, Todhall Farm sold for £1110 to A S & S M Kemp, Whitwell Farm


Championship Class sponsored by WE Jameson & Son LTD and Carrs Billington

Champion £100 + DFAM Anniversary Trophy + 3x Bags of Carrs Billington Feed to A & D Proctor, Swarland Old Hall


Reserve Champion £50 + 1x Bag of Carrs Billington Feed to P Tindale, Paradise Farm


Store & Breeding Cattle – Away from the show cattle the vendors had certainly produced a wonderful display, the buyers were plentiful and certainly obliged as trade proved fast and furious throughout the sale. Beginning with the breeding cattle and an impressive 4 year old Limousin bull from M Eagle, Gedney Hill set the pace selling for £2600, the recent good form of Messrs W E Massey, Stockport continued as their lovely heifers and calves this week peaked at £2000. Some super runs of suckled calves were mixed with immense strength, the heifers in particular proved to be unbelievably hot property with buyers for all shapes and sizes going the proverbial hammer and tongs at each other. Top price on the day went to an outstanding 13 month old Limousin steer from K Mitchelson, Dene House Farm, Satley which sold for £1470, close behind came the powerhouses we see annually from J A Weighell, Chestnut House, North Cowton which sold four times to £1440 (including the top priced heifer) as the wonderful 19 in the run averaged a whopping £1336.  Leading the trade for feeding bulls was a stretchy 13 month old Limousin from T & D I Allen & Son, Chatterley Farm, Wolsingham which sold for an impressive £1390.


Leading Prices

Breeding Bulls – £2600 M Eagle. £1800 W E Massey.

Cows & Calves – £2000 £1900(x2) £1850 £1700 £1500 W E Massey. £1650 £1600 £1550 £1480 W J Massey. £1480 £1380 £1300 £1120 £1100 £950 Glenariff Pedigree Livestock.

Bulling Heifers – £1240 £1200 Glenariff Pedigree Livestock.
Store Steers – £1470 K Mitchelson. £1440(x3) £1420 £1385(x2) £1340 £1330(x2) £1280(x2) £1255(x2) £1205 £1195 J A Weighell. £1400 A & D Proctor. £1365(x2) £1170 B & L Robson. £1340 £1185 G A Willey. £1340 £1270 £1175 D D Brown. £1330 £1280 £1245(x4) £1230(x2) £1220 F Crawford. £1195 £1170 G T & M A Wearmouth. £1190 W B Rutter & Sons. £1170 G S Bainbridge. £1160 D Forrest. £1150 W H Brown.

Store Heifers – £1440 £1420 £1350 £1210 J A Weighell. £1390 D W Dresser. £1380 £1340 D Forrest. £1380 £1370 £1250 M Gallon. £1380 P Tindale. £1360 G A Willey. £1330 £1295 £1240 M Eagle. £1320(x3) £1290 £1250(x4) £1245(x4) J H Johnson. £1310 £1230 B & L Robson. £1275 W H Brown. £1265 £1230(x3) H S Hutchinson. £1260 W B Rutter & Sons. £1250 A Tindale. £1250 F Ward. £1230 W Tindale. £1210 K O Stones. £1210 E Wilson.

Young Bulls – £1390 £1260 £1090(x2) T & D I Allen & Son. £1270 £1030 M R Madrell. £1110 M I Wainwright. £1105 £1100(x2) £1090(x3) £1085(x2) C Binks & Son. £1085 P Tindale. £1050 B Williamson. £990 £850 G W Dobson & Son. £860 £820 £810 W S I Anderson. £850 J E Braithwaite & Son. £835 M Gathercole. £790 A Wilson. £790 W M Bainbridge.


Cast Cattle – Again the cow trade proved exceptional, to consider the average of 132ppk it is imperative to realise that the cow stalls today looked like a Newcastle United home game with masses of black and whites in attendance; we can also state that our patrons today were much happier with their day out than the average ticket holder at St James’s Park is of late. Topping the sale today was a brilliant British Blue Bull travelled down from Cupar, Fife and the good yard of M I Wainwright, Todhall Farm, he sold for an impressive 234 pence per kilo and £1876; very close behind was another British Blue bull hailing from G Coates, Rainscar Farm, Stainforth when he sold for 226ppk and £1801. Leading the female’s this week was a peach of a Limousin OTM from H S Hutchinson, White House Farm, Eastgate when she sold for 220ppk whilst the pick of the older cows came from J B Luck, Milestone House, Bowes when selling a 5 year old Limousin for 206ppk and £1505. Back to the milk maids and a sale leading Holstein today at £1168 came from a top run shown by J Brown & Sons, Low Farm, Monk Hesledon. Leading dairy beast per kilo was a youngster from R & S Bradley, West Biggin Farm, Quebec which sold for 170ppk whilst the native breeds peaked at 158ppk (Aberdeen Angus) and £1195 (Hereford).


Cast Cows & OTM Leading PPK – 220 162 158 H S Hutchinson. 206 N A Roberts. 206 J B Luck. 202 R W Dalton. 196 A & D Proctor. 186 178 Robert Arthur. 178 G K K N & G J Hird. 178 G W Dobson & Son. 170 R & S Bradley. 168 R Simpson & Sons. 164 148 Northfield Farms. 160 146 J Brown & Sons. 156 T H Mace & Sons. 154 146 P & P M Walker. 146 K Wilson. 146 W & R Kemp & Son.

Stock Bulls Leading PPK – 234 M I Wainwright. 226 G Coates. 194 H W & M Alderson & Son. 176 G K K N & G J Hird.


Cast Cows & OTM Leading Gross – £1505 J B Luck. £1481 N A Roberts. £1403 H S Hutchinson. £1399 R W Dalton. £1326 A & D Proctor. £1244 Robert Arthur. £1244 P & P M Walker. £1195 £1194 £1082 £1045 W & R Kemp & Son. £1168 £1151 £1058 J Brown & Sons. £1155 R Simpson & Sons. £1139 £1123 A Wilson. £1109 £1048 T H Mace & Sons. £1079 Northfield Farms. £1062 G W Dobson & Son. £1043 R & S Bradley. £1032 G K K N & G J Hird.

Stock Bulls Leading Gross – £1876 M I Wainwright. £1801 G Coates. £1681 H W & M Alderson & Son. £1476 G K K N & G J Hird. £1248 Barrs of Broughton. £1049 Robert Arthur.