Breeding Rams, Gimmer Lambs & Ewes

1st November 2022

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Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their final sale of the season for breeding sheep and 4th sale of breeding rams on Tuesday 1st November 2022. Forward were 526 head.

29 Rams & Ram Lambs sold to 520 Guineas
314 Gimmer Lambs sold to £86
62 Gimmer Shearlings sold to £110
8 In Lamb Ewes sold to £190
113 Breeding Ewes sold to £145

Rams & Ram Lambs – The last chance saloon for tups this term and all in all results were pleasing. Top price of 520 Guineas went to a shapely Texel crossed Beltex shearling from C A & J G Skidmore, Needless Hall Farm; following closely were four tups at 500 Guineas as twice Suffolk’s from J T & E Midgley, Uncleby Wold were joined by cross bred shearlings from T & J Hunter, Newtown Farm and also P Lupton, Greenholme Farm. The pick of the ram lambs came from another regular visitor C W Marwood, Foulrice Farm with excellent Charollais selling twice to 350 Guineas.

Shearling Rams 520 420 CA&JG Skidmore. 500 350 300 250 T&J Hunter. 500×2 JT&E Midgley. 500 P Lupton. 350 B&A Myers. 300 D Dennis. 200 S Dodsworth. 150 D Rutter.

Ram Lambs 350×2 CW Marwood. 320 JT&E Midgley. 300 C Dougherty. 300 P Lupton. 260 140 M Dent.

Aged Rams 420 P Dent. 200 S Dodsworth.


Breeding Sheep – The final curtain fell on our breeding sheep sales for 2022, this late in the season prices can be variable as many of the buyers are full and the vendors sheep have largely been sifted through, thus said a good crowd gathered and trade held firm. Topping the sale at £190 were some excellent Texel ewes from M Dent, Mowbray House which had run with the tup for the past month, behind these twice pens of 3 crop Texel ewes from the dispersal of S & J Dent & Son, Great Burdon Farm sold twice to £145. The Great Burdon dispersal also led the shearling trade with a pen of seldom seen German Fox Red’s which sold for £110 apiece. The majority of the gimmer lambs today were the end of the vendors 2022 crop and prices reflected; this was however not the case for James Burns of Ingleby Barwick whose Mule lambs looked to be the best in attendance and topped at £86.

Gimmmer Lambs
Mule £86 £80 £79 £77 £76 £75 £74 £65 £64 J Burns. £78 TE Dobson. £75 £62 £61 SW&TA Milner. £60 K Sayer. £57 355 P Dent. £55 GA&J Allison.

Continental £80 K Sayer.

Texel £80 JD&MS Mortimer. £76 £73 £70 £64 GA&J Allison. £75 K Sayer.

In Lamb Ewes – Texel £190 £180 £175 £160×3 £155 £150 M Dent.

Shearlings £110 S&J Dent & Son. £100 £80 P Dent. £95 F Kearton.

Ewes – £145×2 S&J Dent & Son. £90 £85×2 £82 P Dent. £88 £85×3 CH&MC Phalp. £70 F Kearton. £50 K Tallentire.