Limousin Breeding Spectacular

11th January 2022

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Saturday 22nd May 2021
Darlington Farmers Auction Mart on behalf of the British Limousin Cattle Society in conjunction with the North East Limousin Cattle Breeders Club held an official society show and sale of pedigree bulls and females; followed by a sale of pure and cross bred Limousin breeding and store cattle.

Few can boast a longer or more distinguished career within the breed than our expert judge Mr John Wilson; sincere thanks go to John for an expert judging job drawing upon his incredible knowledge gained during his successful time at the renowned Newsham and Ironstone herds respectively.

A high-quality offering of breeding bulls saw the class split three ways with the winner of the first pedigree class in the new Darlington Mart fittingly consigned by company Chairman Mark Dent with his January 2019 born Ketton Pallas. The second bull class was won by the wonderful Whinfell Park Panama from Messrs Jenkinson, Penrith whilst the third red bull rosette was awarded to regular Darlington supporter David Jordon with his 2020 born Longhirst Roland.
The three forward for the male championship saw the superb style, shape and mobility of Whinfellpark Panoma take the honours with the slightly younger high quality Longhirst Roland duly placed in reserve.

Class 1
1st (Lot 1) Ketton Pallas from S & J Dent & Son
2nd (Lot 5) Ewdenvale Pacino from Mr S Wilde
3rd (Lot 4) Ewdenvale Pennine from Mr S Wilde

Class 2
1st (Lot 9) Whinfellpark Panama from Messrs Jenkinson
2nd (Lot 18) Swarland Potter from A & D Proctor
3rd (Lot 11) Cornsay Proud from W I Suddes & Sons
4th (Lot 21) Cornsay Poldark from W I Suddes & Sons

Class 3
1st (Lot 23) Longhirst Roland from Mr D W Jordon
2nd (Lot 29) Almande Rudy from Mr A Morgan & Mr J C Johnson
3rd (Lot 22) Jorica Powerfull from Josh Knaggs
4th (Lot 25) Cornsay Racer from W I Suddes & Sons

Male Champion Whinfellpark Panama
Reserve Male Champion Longhirst Roland

Stiff competition was also the case in the judging of the females, split two ways the heifer judging culminated in a straight shoot-out between the exceptional Dinmore Patience and the beautiful Thorninghurst Roxanne, on the day the Dinmore heifer took the honours.

Class 4
1st (Lot 48) Dinmore Patience from Mr P Dawes
2nd (Lot 46) Gillyflatts Piper from J L Marks

Class 5
1st (Lot 64) Thorninghurst Roxanne from Mr S Gilleard
2nd (Lot 61) Thorninghurst Rhubarb from Mr S Gilleard
3rd (Lot 66) Swale Rightflight from W E Swales & Sons
4th (Lot 67) Swale Rosie from W E Swales & Sons

Female Champion Dinmore Patience
Reserve Female Champion Thorninghurst Roxanne

With the sensational Whinfellpark bull facing the delightful Dinmore heifer the final decision could genuinely have gone either way;
Tapped out as Champion was Whinfellpark Panama a Withersdale Invader son out of a homebred cow which was herself sired by the famous 140’000-guinea bull Trueman Jagger.
Reserve Champion went to Dinmore Patience, a truly stunning 2019 born heifer sired by Dinmore Lionheart with her mother’s pedigree a near match to the renowned multi show winning Dinmore Madonna.

Sale of Pedigree Cattle
A super crowd at the initial pedigree sale, the bulls offered sold with a pleasing 81% clearance rate and the females today selling at a fantastic rate of 97%, as is so often the case quality counts most and the better end sold nicely beyond vendors expectations.
Bidding twice reached 6000 guineas as the show classes Champion and Reserve both led the trade at this new society sale, the superb Whinfellpark bull Panama headed home to Redditch, Worcestershire with Carpenters Hill Farm whilst the heifer caught the eye of Messrs Hutchinson, Newark, Nottinghamshire.
Reserve Champion male Longhirst Roland sired by Glenrock Justthejob sold as the days second top bull for 4500 guineas to Darlington regular John Norman of Guisborough whilst the Reserve Champion heifer Thorninghurst Roxanne sold to Delnic Limousin’s, Newark for 2300 guineas.
Leading the trade for the older females was the superb Cockleshell Jazzy from the Gentrys herd dispersal when the 2014 born cow with her super Ampertaine Magnum sired bull calf Gentrys Redbull at foot sold for 4200 guineas, Jazzy was guaranteed back in calf to Gentrys Properjob selling to R & K M Teasdale of Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

Leading Prices (Guineas)
Breeding Bulls
6000 Whinfellpark. 4500 Longhirst. 4000 Cornsay. 4000 Ketton. 3600 Jorica. 3300 Cornsay. 3000 Ewdenvale. 2800 Almande.
Cows & Calves (Guineas)
4200 3700 3200 2700 2400 Gentrys. 2100 1750 1700 1600 1450 Carlospride.
In Calf Cows (Guineas)
2200 1800 Gentrys.
Maiden Heifers (Guineas)
6000 Dinmore. 2300 1800 1400 1350 Thorninghurst. 2000 1750 Gentrys. 2000 Gillyflatts. 1900 1800 1600 1500 1500 1450 1450 1450 1350 1350 1350 Gotham. 1800 1650 1500 1350 1300 1300 1300 1250 Cornsay. 1350 Swale. 1300 Carlospride.

Commercial Breeding Cattle
Two truly excellent dispersal and reduction sales of Will Bird, Tadcaster and Paul Brown, Grinton respectively mixed with various other superb cattle had certainly drawn large numbers of people, the result as expected was certainly not all bidders becoming buyers. Shining bright in the Bird dispersal was an absolute tank of a 6-year-old Limousin crossed British Blue cow with a tremendous show quality steer calf at foot, she sold to J E & E Dobson of Frosterley for £3600, another 6-year-old also with a terrific steer calf joined her on the last train to Frosterley at £3400. The Brown family of Swale Hall, Grinton are familiar faces here in Darlington and a solid following for their herd reduction was very apparent, the superb pure Limousin’s reared on hard hill ground peaked at £3000 for a lovely 4-year-old with bull calf by her side selling to Dowson & Sartin of Lartington, the stock bull who had sired the calves on display today clearly impressed the crowd as he went on to sell for £3100 to Fristling Hall Farms, Essex.

An absolutely beautiful pair of 18-month-old Limousin bulling heifers from Messrs Gilleard, Thorninghurst, Doncaster sold for a tremendous £3100 and £3000 to H S Hutchinson, Eastgate. A cracking Limousin bull from Eileen Wilson of White Hills Farm, Scorton caught the eye of T M & A Bellas & Son of Barnard Castle when they paid £4400 whilst three junior bulls from the Bradford bull himself John Clayton sold well at 13 months old and £2000 each.

Commercial Bulls
£4400 E Wilson. £3100 W H Brown. £2000 £2000 £2000 J Clayton. £1700 W Bird.

Commercial Bulling Heifers
£3100 £3000 Thorninghurst. £1440 B J Baker. £1280 £1280 A M Beadle.

Commercial Store Cattle
£1460 B J Baker. £1280 £1120 £1120 £1050 £940 £860 C Moffett. £900 W Bird.

Commercial In Calf Cows
£2000 £1800 £1700 W Bird.

Commercial Cows & Calves
£3600 £3400 £3000 £2700 £2600 £2500 £2500 £2500 £1920 £1700 £1400 W Bird. £3000 £2650 £2600 £2250 £2000 £2000 £2000 £2300 £1720 £1600 W H Brown. £2700 £1650 S & J Dent. £2500 P R Dawes. £2500 W Burton. £2200 P Tindale. £1500 C Moffett.