Limousin Sale & Commercial Cattle

21st May 2022

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Darlington Farmers Auction were delighted to carry out a club sale of 26 Pedigree Cattle on the instruction of the North East Limousin Breeders Club on Saturday 21st May 2022. Also forward were 67 commercial breeding cattle.

17 Pedigree Limousin Bulls sold to 5000 Guineas
9 Pedigree Limousin Heifers sold to 1760 Guineas
2 Commercial Limousin Bulls sold to £7000
5 Commercial Limousin Bulling Heifers sold to £1820
30 Heifers/Cows with Calves sold to £2500

Pedigree Cattle – The morning show was kindly judged by Brontemoor Limousin’s Mr Richard Priestley, West Yorkshire who made an extremely thorough and professional job. A good crowd assembled to see tapped out as champion the excellent Longhirst Rendevous from Mr D W and Mr M Jordon, Morpeth. A powerful two-year-old bull sired by Glenrock Justthejob out of a Spittalton Gigolo homebred cow he went on to sell for 4000 guineas to G & W Jackson of Cookson Green Farm, East Howle, Durham. The reserve championship went home with Messrs E Blenkhorn, Elder Farm, Willitoft, Goole with their superb 18-month-old Elderberry Rocket; Rocket is sired by the prolific Elderberry Napoleon with an impressive long French pedigree behind him he is now away to a new home with regular Darlington store cattle sellers T T Hall & Son, Church Farm, Evenwood. Top price in the pedigree section went to the winner of our youngest bull class from Messrs W I Suddes & Sons with their fabulous Cornsay Sailor, a wonderfully put together little bull sired by Dylans Irnbru out of a homebred Merseside Godolphin cow he sold for 5000 guineas to P R & V Barlow & Son, Sycamore Farm, Nottinghamshire. The sale of pedigree cattle cleared at a wonderful 92% with a strong commercial following at ringside, the pedigree bulls averaged 3206 guineas with the heifers a fast trade levelling at 1577 guineas. Below are the show results followed by a report on the commercial section and all the day’s top prices.

Longhirst Rendevous – Champion


Lot 2, Longhirst Rendevous
Sold to G & W Jackson, Cookson Green – 4000 Guineas

Reserve Champion

Lot 12, Elderberry Rocket

Sold to T T Hall & Son, Church Farm – 2600 Guineas

Elderberry Rocket – Reserve Champion

Bull Show Classes

Class 1

1st – Lot 2, Longhirst Rendevous

Sold to G & W Jackson, Cookson Green – 4000 Guineas

2nd – Lot 3, Towdypotts Rowan

Sold to E Scott & Sons, Middridge Grange – 3000 Guineas

Class 2

1st – Lot 9, Elderberry Ralph

Sold to E Scott & Sons, Middridge Grange – 3600 Guineas

2nd – Lot 13, Jorica Rocketman

Sold to M Shotton, Catlaw Hall – 3000 Guineas

3rd – Lot 11, Elderberry Robot

Sold to A R & J Alsop & Sons, Minoral Farm – 3000 Guineas

4th – Lot 7, Elderberry Revolution


Class 3

1st – Lot 12, Elderberry Rocket

Sold to T T Hall & Son, Church Farm – 2600 Guineas

2nd – Lot 20, Cornsay Reagan

Sold to C V Hugill & Son, Poplars Farm – 3000 Guineas

3rd – Lot 16, Longhirst Ranger


4th – Lot 18, Glenrock Razorlight

Sold to W K Wilkinson & Sons, Mains House Farm – 2500 Guineas

Class 4

1st – Lot 24, Cornsay Sailor

Sold to P R & V Barlow & Son – 5000 Guineas

2nd – Lot 26, Almande Serious

Sold to W A Richardson, Hutton Fields – 3000 Guineas

3rd – Lot 22, Cornsay Senna

Sold to I R Appleton, Pudding Poke Farm – 3500 Guineas

4th – Lot 23, Jorica Sportsman

Sold to I Marshall & Sons, Hope House – 4000 Guineas

Cornsay Sailor 5000 Guineas

Jorica Sportsman 4000 Guineas

Heifer Show Classes

Class 5

1st –  Lot 30, Towdypotts Rosaline

Sold to R N Gent, Marhouse Road – 1720 Guineas

2nd – Lot 28, Towdypotts Roz

Sold to I R Appleton, Pudding Poke Farm – 1740 Guineas

3rd – Lot 40, Cornsay Sarah

Sold to Hughes Brothers, Holdsforth Grange – 1620 Guineas

4th – Lot 37, Cornsay Reindeer

Sold to Hughes Brothers, Holdsforth Grange – 1760 Guineas


Commercial Cattle – Lissett Roman sells for £7000! Just a digit wrong on his pedigree certificate which will no doubt be easily rectified sadly prevented the catalogued lot 14 entering the show or being sold by us as a warranted pedigree, vendors J H Tennant, Manor House Farm, Bridlington needed not to worry though as the buyers waited patiently and the exceptional bull went on to sell for the days top price. A fabulous 18-month-old son of the French bull Hamac out of the homebred Lissett Mimi (a Norman Infusion daughter) he certainly carries some impressive beef and maternal figures, he was duly snapped up by Haltwhistle based T W Oliver, Crawfields Farm. A run of classy 17/18-month-old pure Limousin bulling heifers from L Corbett & Co, Dykehead, Rochester sold exceedingly well to a top of £1820 with the pen average an impressive £1756. Cows and heifers with calves at foot were in high demand with a top of £2500 reached on three occasions, twice by a sharp run from P Donnelly, Great Ayton and again by Foley Brothers, Capheaton.

Lissett Roman £7000

Leading Prices
Pedigree Bulls (Guineas) 5000 3500 3000 W I Suddes & Son. 4000 J E Jordon & Son. 4000 2500 W & M Knaggs. 3600 3000 2600 2500 E Blenkhorn. 3000 Joshua Knaggs. 3000 S Wilde. 3000 J W R & M Suddes. 3000 J C Johnson. 2400 W Orme.
Pedigree Heifers (Guineas) 1760 1740 1720 1420 J W R & M Suddes. 1700 1620 1600 1340 1300 W I Suddes & Son.

Commercial Bulls £7000 J H Tennant Ltd.

Commercial Heifers £1820 £1800 £1780 £1740 £1640 L Corbett & Co.
Commercial Cows/Heifers & Calves – £2500 £1900 £1820 £1720 Foley Brothers. £2500(x2) £2100(x2) £1850 P Donnelly. £2000 £1980 £1920 £1900(x2) £1880 £1800 £1780 £1700(x3) £1650 £1620 £1600(x2) £1500(x2) Jamie Loveridge. £1550 £1500 W M Strickland.