Monday Cast Cows, Store & Breeding Stock

4th July 2022

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Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their weekly sale of Cast Cows, Store & Breeding Stock on Monday 4th July 2022. Forward were 214 Cattle, 194 Sheep and 2 Pigs.

49 Cast Cows & OTM sold to 246ppk or £1730
3 Stock Bulls sold to 214ppk or £2120
8 Breeding Cattle sold to £2000
19 Young Bulls sold to £1480
81 Store Steers sold to £1480
54 Store Heifers sold to £1380
7 Store Hoggs sold to £80
2 Store Pigs sold to £80
187 Prime Lambs sold to 310ppk or £130 (Liveweight Collection)

Cast Cattle – Another super cow trade as the processing beef remains a much sought-after commodity, a plainer show on the whole averaged 182 pence per kilo. As the American’s celebrate 246 years of independence today on our side of the Atlantic it was Jim and Heather Marks of Bishopton celebrating 246 pence per kilo, a superb 39-month-old British Blue leading the charge and also placing high in the gross values at a whopping £1730. One of three other OTM’s which followed high on the pence per kilo list was a superb Aberdeen Angus OTM steer from E A & N Thompson & Son, Ormside which sold for 215ppk and a massive £1790. Today’s leading older cow proved to be a 10-year-old British Blue from P Dent, Langleydale sold for 214ppk. Native breed cows were again good to sell, impressing this week were N White, Marrick with a 6-year-old Hereford at 203 pence per kilo and G Simpson, Middleton-in-Teesdale at £1696 with a fleshy 888kg Beef Shorthorn. Dairy cows continue to exceed expectations, 175-185ppk is regularly achieved with this week’s pace setter belonging to I F & C M Herring & Son, North Cowton with a Holstein Friesian OTM at 195ppk; top gross valued black and white proved to be a fleshy 5-year-old from R G Swinbank, Sedgefield which added up to £1575. Final mention to the bulls which remain in high demand, a pair of 10-year-olds shared the limelight with a Limousin (214ppk & £1962) from W J & A S Bowes & Sons, Great Stainton and a Charolais (190ppk & £2120) from J Greenheld & Son, Rosedale both well worthy of mention.

Cast Cows & OTM – Leading PPK – 246 237 J L Marks. 229 P & C M Graham. 215 E A & N Thompson & Son. 214 P Dent. 213 G W Dent. 213 203 197 N White. 212 200 W J & A S Bowes & Sons. 208 G K, K N & G J Hird. 207 205 M W Reed. 204 W A Richardson Ltd. 199 J R P Vickers & Sons. 196 J Atkinson. 195 I F & C M Herring & Son. 193 J H Emerson. 193 Messrs Tennant.
Stock Bulls Leading PPK – 214 W J & A S Bowes & Sons. 190 J Greenheld & Son. 148 D H Craig.

Cast Cows & OTM – Leading Gross – £1790 E A & N Thompson & Son. £1730 £1567 J L Marks. £1696 G Simpson. £1671 Messrs Tennant. £1657 G W Dent. £1575 £1339 £1292 R G Swinbank. £1566 J R P Vickers. £1521 £1518 P Dent. £1515 £1370 W J & A S Bowes & Sons. £1514 £1492 £1386 N White. £1469 £1412 M W Reed, £1506 P & C M Graham. £1440 R & A Chapman. £1422 J Atkinson. £1411 W A Richardson Ltd. £1345 G K, K N & G J Hird.
Stock Bulls Leading Gross – £2120 J Greenheld & Son. £1962 W J & A S Bowes & Sons.

Store & Breeding Cattle – A typical July show with something for all preferences and pockets, beginning with a scattering of breeding beast the top price went to a 40-month-old Salers bull from Rigel Pedigree, Middleton on Leven when he sold for £2000, a young Limousin heifer with calf at foot from R C Raper & Daughters, Carr Lane also impressed selling for £1720 as did a smart British Blue bulling heifer from G Simpson, Middleton-in-Teesdale at £1390. Next through the ring came the young bulls and a light offering were very keenly contested resulting in an absolutely fabulous trade, the top trio turned out to be some lively yearling Charolais from E Parsons, Little Stainton when they sold for a mind blowing £1480 apiece. The clean store cattle trade was absolutely exceptional, all classes a flyer today with the stronger end in particular in mesmerising form. Top price went to a cracking 17-month-old Limousin steer from M Gallon, Wheatley Hill when he sold for £1480; not finished at that the Gallon pen produced another at £1460 just ahead of both K Metcalfe, Cockfield and N B & R Hird, Romaldkirk who both joined the £1400 club. Top priced heifer this week came from Wolsingham based B Watson, Baal Hill Farm who produced a stunning 30-month-old Limousin which sold for £1380, all breeds, creeds, shapes and sizes were very easily sold and many, many more are required weekly to fulfil demand.

Top Prices
Bulling Heifer – £1390 G Simpson.
Breeding Bull – £2000 Rigel Pedigree.
Heifer & Calf – £1720 R C Raper & Daughters. £960 £920 F Gilchrist.
Young Bulls – £1480(x3) £1415(x2) £1285(x2) £930 £820 E Parsons. £1290 T Ducker. £1280 £1130 K Metcalfe. £1030 J Atkinson. £980 £930 W S I Anderson. £780(x3) S Waggott.
Store Steers – £1480 £1460 £1365 £1285 M Gallon. £1435 £1390 £1380 £1335(x2) £1270(x2) £1265 £1225(x2) £1155(x4) £1115 £1110 £1105(x3) £1100 £1085 £1080 K Metcalfe. £1400 N B & R Hird. £1325 £1290 £1170 M Hodgson. £1260 £1230 £1190 S J Love. £1195 £1085 G A & C Jopling.
Store Heifers – £1380 B Watson. £1285 B & J Donald. £1240 £1180 S J Love. £1120 £920 A P Taylor. £1115(x2) £990 £905 M J Hutchinson. £1065 £1035 £950 I Newton & Son. £1040 R C Raper & Daughters. £1030 £1000 £905 P Dent. £1030(x3) J Bennison. £985 T T Hall & Son. £975(x3) I Spedding. £955(x2) W C Barker & Son.