Tup Tup Chalice Show and Sale

7th September 2022

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Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their inaugural ‘Tup Tup Chalice’ evening sale of breeding rams and ram lambs on Tuesday 6th September 2022. Forward were 186 head.

4 Aged Rams sold to 1000 Guineas
148 Shearling Rams sold to 1600 Guineas
35 Ram Lambs sold to 900 Guineas

Pre-Sale Show
A huge vote of thanks must firstly go to our judges Mr John Sanderson, Trimdon and Mr Philip Carter, Wingate who carried out their duties impeccably at this new sale on the DFAM calendar. Secondly, we wish to thank our sponsors for the evening Farmers Guardian, Dots Café, Deerness Valley Meats, HH Smith & Son Livestock Haulage, R Gilson Agricultural & Groundwork, Carrs Billington, Peter Monkhouse Haulage, Castle Farm Vets, John Warren ABP, David Chapman Landscapes, Vickers & Barrass, Jamesons, NFU Mutual and Eden Farm Supplies.

Some wonderful sheep descended through the ongoing monsoon which ensured that our judges certainly earned their keep, after careful consideration the Champion came from the excellent pen of ¼ Beltex ¾ Texel shearlings of DFAM regulars Andrew and Colin Whitfield, High Castledene, Knitsley with a superb muscly example. Reserve Champion went to another familiar DFAM face as a well grown and stretchy pure Texel shearling from Richard Bailes, Cole Hill Farm, Elwick kept both top prizes in the non-accredited section despite some stiff competition from the MV tups next door. Show results can be seen below followed by the sale report in which both the aforementioned tups deservedly gain further mention.

Class 1 – MV Accredited Ram Lamb
1st C Marwood, Foulrice (Charollais)
2nd J T & E Midgley, Uncleby Wold (Suffolk)
3rd P Brannen, Scar Top (Texel)

Class 2 – MV Accredited Pure-Bred Shearling
1st C J & J M Simpson, Rookery House (Beltex)
2nd T & J Hunter, Newtown Farm (Charollais)
3rd P Lupton, Grrenholme (Suffolk)

Class 3 – M V Accredited Cross Bred Shearling
1st D Whitcher, Foulrice (Char X Texel)
2nd T & J Hunter, Newtown Farm (Char X Beltex)
3rd P Lupton, Greenholme (Suff X Tex)

Class 4 – Non-Accredited Ram Lamb
1st W Hill, Stub Thorn (Suffolk)
2nd H Askwith, Middle Mown Meadows (Beltex)
3rd N Wilkinson, Bollihope Shield (Tex X BFL)

Class 5 – Non-Accredited Pure-Bred Shearling
1st R Bailes, Cole Hill Farm (Texel)
2nd G Hodgson, Rose Hill (Charollais)
3rd H Askwith, Middle Mown Meadows (Beltex)

Class 6 – Non-Accredited Cross Bred Shearling
1st C S & V Whitfield, High Castledene (Tex X Belt)
2nd I Ford, Moorfoot House (Tex X Char)
3rd C S & V Whitfield, High Castledene (Tex X Belt)

Champion – C S & V Whitfield, High Castledene (Tex X Belt Shearling)
Reserve – R Bailes, Cole Hill Farm (Texel Shearling)

Sale of Tups
A roaring success with a new centre record icing the Darlington tup flavoured cake, the better end sold superbly well with many vendors greatly exceeding expectations. Top price and breaking the DFAM record was our pre-sale Champion from the Whitfield family, the 1600 Guinea superstar went away with Foxton Livestock, Abbey Farm, Barnard Castle. Other tups from the exceptional Whitfield pen also joined the top ranks when selling for 1400, 1300, 1100 and 1000 Guineas. The reserve champion from Richard Bailes sold for 1100 guineas to J J Horn, Bushy Park, Marske. Galloping back to Galphay was Darlington regular Pam Lupton as her super Suffolk’s featured highly on our top price list, an absolute tank of a shearling sold for 1400 guineas and a strong lamb for 900 guineas, both went home with T & C Smith, Thorsgill, Startforth. Two other tups sold at 1000 guineas on the night as a cracking Charollais shearling from Tom & Judith Hunter, Hunmanby sold to GK, KN & G J Hird, Richmond and a phenomenal three shear Beltex which sired last year’s DFAM Christmas show champion lambs from Messrs Askwith, Crook went away with J J Horn, Marske.

Leading Prices

Aged Rams
Beltex 1000 800 Askwiths.
CharTex – 700 I Ford.
Charollais – 700 D Whitcher.

Ram Lambs
Suffolk 9001 750 P Lupton. 650 480 W Hill. 600 420 JT&E Midgley. 500×2 P Brannen. Charollais – 600 450 CW Marwood & Son. 500 T&J Hunter. 375 W Hill.
Texel – 550 450 P Brannen.
Beltex – 500 H Askwith.
Tex X BFL – 300 250 N Wilkinson.

Shearling Rams
Cross Bred – 1600 1400 1300 1100 1000 900 850 800 CS&V Whitfield. 950 800 CA&JG Skidmore. 850 750 T&J Hunter. 800 750 D Whitcher. 750 L Van Geffen.
Suffolk – 1400 P Lupton.
Texel – 1100 900 700 R Bailes. 900 800 T Common. 850 750×2 W Wearmouth & Son. 750 N&A Bainbridge.
Charollais – 1000 T&J Hunter. 900 G Hodgson. 850 T&J Hunter. 700 D Whitcher.

Tup Show

Tup Show

Tup Show

lot 125 Overall Champion Texel x Beltex Ram sold for top price of 1600gns First in Class 6 from Whitfield with judges John Sanderson Trimdon and Phillip Carter Wingate

lot 125 Overall Champion Texel x Beltex sold for top price 1600gns Ram First in Class 6 from Andrew Whitfield

lot 130 Texel sold for 1100gns First in Class 4 from Richard Bailes

Sale Ring

Sale Ring